• Sensitive design is designed for maximum safety and full placement of applier.
  • The flexible corner structure provides ease of access in the applicator.
  • Teeths are designed to prevent slippage.
  • The spreadable design allows the applicator to move and lock perfectly.
  • Locking mechanism allows safe closure.
  • Sensory and auditory feedback confirms the closing of the lock mechanism.
  • Smooth surface prevents non-absorbing polymer structure infection.
  • Sprin design provides applier mobility.

Other Features

  • It provides secure coating with its locked structure.
  • Does not cause damage to the vessels and tissues to which it is applied.
  • Non-absorbable Polymer-Polyacetal structure. With its mechanical, chemical resistance, it maintains the tension force for a long time.
  • With its flexible corner structure and straight and angled applicators, it provides ease of access in all areas.
  • Thanks to the pins on the inner surface of the clip, it attaches firmly to the tissue.
  • The radio is transparent. Mar; It does not affect CT and CT shots.
  • It provides safe, easy and fast usage in Open and Laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Sterile, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Diameter of Vessel/Tissue

Reference Clip Size Clips/Cartridge Cartridges/Box
ML AMLG6 Medium Large 6 14
L ALP6 Large 6 14
XL AXLY6 Extra Large 6 14

Reusable Laparoscopic Clip Applier

Reference Applicator Size Length Diameter
ML 101.080 C Medium Large 330 mm 5 mm
101.080 CL Medium Large 440 mm 5 mm
L 101.080 B Large 330 mm 10 mm
101.080 BL Large 440 mm 10 mm
XL 101.080 A Extra Large 330 mm 10 mm
101.080 AL Extra Large 440 mm 10 mm

Open Surgery Appliers

Reference Size Length Vessel Diameter
ML 101.080 CK Medium Large 200 mm 3-10 mm
L 101.080 BK Large 200 mm 5-13 mm
XL 101.080 AK Extra Large 200 mm 7-16 mm