About Us

Learn about our company and our philosophy.

In 2000, we started as an importer and dealer in the medical device industry, our aim was always to take place as a leading and exemplary company in the sector. We have experienced a lot in our 24 years of sectoral activity. We learned a lot. But we never lost our excitement on the first day.

First we made dealerships of various companies. Then we acted as distributors. Finally, since 2011, we started to take part in the sector with our manufacturer identity. In this journey, we have always tried to develop good relations with the employees that we believe to be with us. We believed that the reason for our existence was health workers. We received help, morale, support, courage.

Who We Are

In 2011, ISO 13485 and CE certificate by completing our three product groups were up on the market as the first manufacturer in Turkey. In production, our goal was always to produce products not produced in our country. We have always been open to innovations to produce quality, safe and ergonomic products. We have continuously worked and continue to fulfill customer recommendations and expectations in the best way.

We will continue. We will continue to do those made in Turkey. In our industry, we will not be a player, but a quarterback. We'il work hard. We made mistakes and tried to correct our mistakes with the advice of our physicians and technological development. We have always sought to provide better products, better service. We have always been open to improvement and continuous improvement. But we're still up the road. We have a lot to learn. In 2020, we will continue to meet you with brand new products.

Our Vision

Examples show superior performance in all business areas in which an organization, including Turkey and the world more to announce the name of the company is to be respectful of human life and nature.

Our Mission

To provide the fastest, most reliable, most accurate and most economical solutions while competing with its competitors; to contribute to the national economy by adding privileged values to its environment, customers and employees, increasing the quality of life of humanity and continuously improving its business volume.

Our History

Important moments from 2000 to today


Medica Düsseldorf 2023

We participated in Medica Düsseldorf 2023 which is one of the most important fairs in the sector.


Medica Düsseldorf 2022

We participated in Medica Düsseldorf 2022 which is one of the most important fairs in the sector.


Medica Düsseldorf 2021

We participated in Medica Düsseldorf 2021 which is one of the most important fairs in the sector.


Medica Düsseldorf 2020

We participated in Medica Düsseldorf 2020 which is one of the most important fairs in the sector.


Medica Düsseldorf 2019

We participated in Medica Düsseldorf 2019 which is one of the most important fairs in the sector.


Middle East Representative Office

We started to represent our country in the Middle East.


Consultancy Service

We started to provide professional consultancy services to the companies who want to make production.


Clean Room Setup

We have successfully completed the setup of our second clean room.


Technical Service Competency Certificate

Technical Service Competency Certificate


Our New Plaza

With our growing business volume and work force, we could not fit into our clean room and moved to our new plaza.


Domestic Goods Certificate

We are proud to receive our Domestic Goods certificate.


Our First Export

We made our first export to Italy.


Our First Fair

We started to participate in domestic congresses and fairs.


Our Quality Approved

The quality of our produced materials has been approved with ISO 13485 and EC quality certificate.


First Clean Room Setup

We established our first clean room and started our product design activities.


Name Change

We decided to continue our services as Ankalaps.


First Overseas Distributorship

We received the first foreign distributor and started our domestic sales activities.